Welcome Note

The Belgian Association of Clinical Research Professionals ( is proud to celebrate this year the 20th anniversary of the European Conference on “Latest Clinical Trials Breaking News” for Clinical Research Professionals. For the past two decades it has been committed to advancing the knowledge, gain insights and improve the quality of professionals’ day to day work in clinical research. It is a must attend conference for anyone interested in clinical trials.

On this occasion, the European Conference will taking place on 19th October 2017 in the renowned Solvay Library in Brussels. Through expert-delivered presentations, you will benefit from updates on best practices, regulatory developments, industry trends and tips & tools to build up your career in clinical research.

Our motto: For Learning, for Listening and for Life.
So, join us for this unique event to gain knowledge, network with peers and celebrate.
We look forward to seeing you there.



Yves Geysels